2016 – A New Year For Writing

2016It’s a new year, which means a new writing resolution.

This year, I have only one: to put my middle-grade novel through another rigorous revision and submit it to an editor who has given me permission to do so.

It also marks the end of last year’s writing project, A Year in Disney Movies, which ballooned into much more than I expected. What I thought would be a little “side-blogging” endeavor ended up swallowing almost all my writing time, as each post took about five hours to compose: two hours to view the film, and three hours to write the review. Since my work schedule rarely affords me three hours at a stretch, that meant it usually took me three days to write a single post, after which there weren’t a lot of days left to sink into my longer writing projects. Somehow I managed to finish the second draft of my Rapunzel novel in all that as I tried not to get too depressed about my goals for my other projects falling by the wayside. Although I made so little progress on my novels in 2015, I continued to write about 15 pages a week in my journal in addition to the Disney blog. I kept telling myself that I hadn’t stopped writing, although without making any progress on a novel, it sometimes it felt that way.

I am not totally done with A Year in Disney Movies — this week I have to post on the last movie in the animated canon, Big Hero Six. I watched the movie last night but am having trouble mustering up the motivation to write about it — probably because I know there isn’t another movie waiting on its heels this weekend.

I also hope that with my Disney blogging project off my plate, I will get back into the habit of posting here on a regular basis. Here’s to my first attempt!

Do you make writing resolutions? What are they?

3 Responses to “2016 – A New Year For Writing”

  1. Leah Saylor-Abney

    Are you kidding me?!! Your “A Year in Disney” most definitely counts as writing in 2015. Those reviews were more like essays, and I had often wondered how long those took you to write because they were THAT good. I’d say you deserve a pat on the back (or a hug if, like me, you’re a hugger) for the Disney project, a second draft of Rapunzel and journaling. You did what a lot of people don’t do: you finished; you completed a goal. Sometimes writers are too hard on themselves 😉

    • Lacey

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Leah. It’s true that it’s all-too-easy as writers to notice all that we didn’t accomplish rather than being proud of what we DID. I think last year I set too many goals — this year I hope to be more focused. And I am a hugger. :)

      I clicked on your name, which led me back to your blog, which I had not seen before. What a lovely site! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and reviews.

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