Happy National Poetry Writing Month!

It’s April, National Poetry Writing Month, which means it’s the one time a year when I devote myself to playing with poetry. April’s challenge is typically to write a poem a day throughout the month of April. I waffled a bit about whether I’d participate this year or not. I’m getting married this month, and I’ve been walking around in a constant state of OverWhelm since January. Still, I start to come apart at the seams a little bit when I’m not writing, and I think I probably need to write poetry more than ever right now.

I restarted my poem-a-day subscription at poets.org, I have a handout that I made for my writing class about different poem forms, I have ambitious goals to wake up half an hour earlier than usual — I’m ready to go (to bed …)!


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  1. Jenna

    I was wondering if you were going to do this! I remain undecided. But I think I’d like to post a poem every week day on my blog. Which means I need to go do that right now. :)


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