Draft #3 of ETD: Status update 1

ETD are the initials of my new title for the YA novel I’m revising. I don’t feel comfortable making titles public while I’m in the process of drafting, but it’s a little misleading to just call it “my YA novel,” since four of my novels fall into that category.

After doing a ton of untangling between drafts one and two, I expected this round of revision to go a bit more smoothly. But I feel as if I’m untangling wet hair after not using conditioner in the shower–and you might need to have my family’s curly-hair genes to fully appreciate that analogy.

How much can I rearrange the same paragraph? Oh, let me count the ways . . .

4 Responses to “Draft #3 of ETD: Status update 1”

  1. Jenna

    I cracked your code! ETD definitely must stand for “Electric Transmission Demonstrator.” I knew it!

    I know exactly what you’re talking about with rearranging paragraphs. It’s amazing how many combinations you can get with the same sentences. And, oh, how it can change the meaning.

    Firefox says that “combinations” isn’t a word.

    • Lacey Louwagie

      Yes! In the third draft, the angel is going to be a machine.

      I wrote for 45 minutes yesterday, and I think at least 20 of them were spent with the same paragraph. But that’s what rewriting is all about — finding the stuff that feels “off” and messing with it until it doesn’t anymore.

      Firefox is so wrong about combinations. Google Chrome knows it’s a word.

  2. Jenna

    I totally should’ve seen that coming!

    Are you going to be participating in Laurie Halse Anderson’s WFMAD (Write Fifteen Minutes a Day)? It starts today! I haven’t done my fifteen minutes yet. :/

    Combinations. Okay, Safari knows it’s a word, too. :) Silly Firefox.

    • Lacey Louwagie

      Hm, it looks like I’m not participating in WFMAD unless I do it like all of this year’s writing challenges and start it late! Didn’t have Internet for the last week, so the beginning of August already escaped me.


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