My Halloween Costume

As promised, here is a photo of me in my Halloween costume — I went as Little Red Riding Hood, one of my favorite figures in Fairy Tale lore. Although I’ve loved fairy tales since forever, this is the first time I’ve actually dressed as a Fairy Tale character. I’m already thinking of ways I’d like to improve the costume next year. Maybe I’ll go as Fairy Tale characters every year.

This has me remembering that I submitted a personal essay, “Why I Hated Little Red Riding Hood,” to the Fairy Tale Review’s Red Issue back in the spring.  The submission guidelines said notification would come by August 15, but they also said the issue would be out in Fall of 2010, which it isn’t. Apparently they received over 2,000 submissions — I must not be the only one who loves Little Red Riding Hood! (Yup, I love her now. I hated her as a kid.)


2 Responses to “My Halloween Costume”

  1. Jenny

    Too cute! That’s a great idea, going as a fairy tale character every year. Maybe our writer’s group should have a costume party! 😛 We could be all literary–or dress up as characters from each other’s stories. 😀

    • Lacey Louwagie

      Ha, I love it! It makes me realize that I don’t think we describe clothes all that often — it could lend itself to some interesting interpretations. We could all just show up as wolves to be safe. 😉


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