“The Man in the Mirror” deemed “creepy.”

I got my first review from someone I don’t know of my Queer Dimensions short story, “The Man in the Mirror,” and luckily, it was a favorable review. You can read it here. (And yes, when you’re going for dystopia, “creepy” is high praise indeed. ;))

3 Responses to ““The Man in the Mirror” deemed “creepy.””

  1. MarieZ

    Congratulations, Lacey! It looks like the reviewer had a long list of stories that didn’t quite make the grade. Glad yours wasn’t part of that list!

    • Lacey Louwagie

      Yes, I was glad, too! Although, I have to admit that I was glad she didn’t give glowing praise to every story, or I wouldn’t have felt as special. :)

  2. Jenny

    Yay! “Creepy, excellent, and unsettling”–awesome, LOL!!! 😀


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