Follow-up Friday

I kept my commitment for the second Friday in a row. Here’s what I did this time:

  • Submitted a query about head-hopping to Writers’ Journal;
  • Updated my bio for DemandStudios (who seems to take it very personally that I haven’t written for them in a while — I’ve gotten a “What are we doing wrong?” survey as well as a “please come back!” email);
  • Sent my bio off for the Unruly Catholic Women Writers anthology;
  • and dug through my files to find the one-and-only novella I’ve ever written, with the intention of seeing whether it’s worth dusting, polishing, and sending to Failbetter’s novella competition.

I’m also still anxiously awaiting my contributors’ copy of Queer Dimensions, especially after reading that a friend already has hers (and of course, I loved the mention).

7 Responses to “Follow-up Friday”

  1. Jenna

    Ah, your novella! I hope you do enter it. I love that story.

    I’m a little surprised by the word requirement, though. At least 8,000 words? I didn’t realize a novella could be that short.

    I still haven’t gotten a chance to even read “Queer Dimensions” yet. But I did flip through it!

    • Lacey Louwagie

      I was thinking when I wrote this entry that I didn’t know why I was so anxious for QD to arrive, since I wouldn’t have time to read it right now, either. But then I decided that I would have time flip through it, and that’s what I really want to do. :)

      Yeah, I thought 8,000 words seemed especially short, too. By that definition, “The Man in the Mirror” is a novella. And here I thought I’d finally written a short story. 😉

      Thanks so much for the encouragement on the novella. I remember loving it, too, and being driven to write it in a way I wasn’t with anything else (I think because it was short enough for the passion not to wear off ;)). I’m pretty sure I am going to enter it, and spend Fridays till the spring sprucing it up.

      • Jenna

        It doesn’t matter if you have time to read QD – you have every reason to be anxious to get it! If anything just to stare at your name on the cover. :p My copy is sitting on my night table with the new Libba Bray book, and the Hans Christian Andersen book I’ve been reading for months.

        I guess that site explains a bit about the difference between a short story and a novella. Don’t worry, you did right a short story. 😉

        If you need any feedback along the way with your novella, please let me know. I really believe in that story, and I want to see it grow up to be the best possible novella it can be. :)

      • Keir

        I didn’t know Libba Bray had a new book, so I looked it up on Goodreads. The first review there is by her husband who said that she wrote the first draft in one month. You could look at that as proof that your NaNoWriMo novels could be published.

        • Lacey Louwagie

          For some reason, this comment got lost in comment spam land. There are a handful of successful novels that have been written during NaNo, with “Water for Elephants” being one of the most notable.

  2. Linda

    Funny to hear Demand even missed you, considering I just read in one of the writing magazines that they have “over 10,000 contributors” working on their stuff! That must make you feel special! lol

    • Lacey Louwagie

      Yeah, I was surprised, too. And here I thought Demand was the land of zero accountability. 😉 I can’t decide whether the email pursuit makes me feel special, or harassed.


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