April 1 and Poetry on the Way

It’s only the first of April, and already I’m stressed at the thought of a poem a day.

4 Responses to “April 1 and Poetry on the Way”

  1. ggw_bach

    when there’s inspiration … the rest will come.

    don’t stress over it :-)

  2. Jenna

    There’s always Magnetic Poetry!

  3. Keir


    A fuzzy caterpillar is marked in time, hanging with a hand towel.
    A soft man yelled at the sight of Jan Valdez.
    Falling out, into the distance, the bicycle hits.
    He spun out of the motorcycle, a trail of soft daffodil following.
    “Holy flying nun, Batman!” he said instantaneously
    Never considered.. . Never more has been roared
    Diving in a lake of drear, the wooly bear found a golden shark
    Heads whip back when crushed against anvil-like slipped disks
    Frolicking for foul fun, wooly bear, mortify an orange instead.

  4. Lacey Louwagie

    And I haven’t written off magnetic poetry, either! Except that it usually takes me about twice as long to write as real poetry, even though it’s much easier. I am pondering a magnetic poetry party sometime in April, though.

    Ooh, Keir, that site is so sneaky!


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